Over-styling, wrong products and Canada’s extreme weather can add up to dull, damaged tresses.  But with the right tools and pro tricks, you can say bye to blah, lifeless hair. Here are the essential products you’ll need for any hair problem.

Hair Problems_Flat

Flat Hair

Hair that falls flat is a common winter concern, plus jacket hoods and toques do us no favours either. Add volume to your tresses and create full, flowing hair with Moroccanoil’s Thickening Lotion. The lightweight formula doesn’t weigh down hair and it’s formulated with quinoa proteins to thicken each individual strand. Finish styling your hair with Joico Flip Turn Volumizing Finishing Spray to add lift to your hair and keep it in place.

Hair problems_dull

Dull Hair

Product residue and hard water build up on strands can make hair look lacklustre. Rinse it away and boost shine with Rene Furterer’s Fioravanti Shine Enhancing Shampoo. After washing, apply a dollop of got2b Anti-Frizz Shine Serum to your palms and work it through wet hair from roots to tips. It’ll leave your hair with a healthy sheen and control any frizz or flyaways.

Hair Problems_Dry

Dry Frizzy Hair

Quench dry, dehydrated hair with Joico Moisture Recovery Shampoo and Conditioner. Hydrating botanicals and amino acids from the sea are combined with nourishing botanical butters and oils from the land to transform parched hair into soft, touchable locks.

Hair problems_Oily

Oily Scalp

Harsh shampoos can strip your scalp of its natural oils and the dip in humidity during winter can dry out follicles. Your body’s natural response is to produce more sebum which can lead to oily scalp and clumpy hair. Not cute! Fix that with Moroccanoil’s Oily Scalp Treatment, which is designed to revive hair by correcting imbalances and controlling over-active oil production.

Hair problems_Dandruff


Let’s leave the snowy flakes outdoors. Get rid of dandruff with Rene Furterer Melaleuca Anti-Dandruff Shampoo. Rich carthamus oil hydrates your hair and scalp to eliminate itching and those annoying white specks.

Hair Problems_Flyaways

Crazy Flyaways

Tame that mane and beat flyaways with Rene Furterer’s Solaire Leave-In Moisturizing Spray. It instantly repairs and detangles hair leaving it soft, shiny and silky again. All you’ll have to do is spritz and go!

Hair problems_damaged curls

Damaged Curls

Take your curls from blah to bold with Dippity-Do Girls With Curls’ Deep Treatment. Avocado, coconut oil, shea butter and vitamin E nourishes and restores curls leaving them frizz-free and supple.