Whether you’re hanging out with friends, hitting the town for a night out, or even going on a date, braids always add a little something special to every outfit. You’re able to say so much with a simple side braid, or a complex crown. See below for some of our favourite braids to try this coming season.


1. Double Dutch Hair Bun

double dutch braidIn need of a messy-yet-put-together look? Look no further than this Double Dutch Hair Bun. This is great if you need your hair away from your face, but aren’t looking for a polished pull-back look. LaCoupe’s Volume Fix Hairspray would be a great product to use to maintain this looks volume at the top, while allowing the bottom section to be more relaxed and free.







2. High Crown Braid

high crown braidLooking for something a lil’ more classy, but still up and out of your way? This crown braid is perfect for those summer days where you want to feel like a forest princess. To prep your hair for this look, give Moroccanoil’s Light Treatment a try. This formula helps prevent fly-aways, while providing a silky and shiny look, it revitalizes the life of your hair.








3. Reverse Braided Bun

reverse braided bunLove playing sports but also love lookin’ good? You can love both with this style. This style keeps stray baby hairs you may have controlled, while providing a pulled-back bun that let’s you run around. This look says you’re sporty yet fashionably sassy. For this look, be sure to try La Coupe’s Brazilian Keratin Blow Out Styling Cream. This product will be sure to maintain your straight hair, making it easier to style while balancing moisture levels to reduce any frizz.








4. Twisted Crown

twisted crown These loose waves paired with a subtle braided crown is perfect for anyone wanting to feel like a mermaid for a day. This is for those days where you want to lounge around outside, and look cute while doing it. As an added bonus, if you’re looking to bring out those natural curls of yours with this look, be sure to try Dippity Do’s new Curl Boosting Mousse! It’ll leave your curls full of body and bounce, while eliminating frizz.








5. Rose-Pony Braid

braidIf you’re aiming to feel like a rock star, then this look is for you. This style adds some texture and a bit of an edge to any look. To get the right amount of texture that this style needs, try Moroccanoil’s Dry Texture Spray. It makes effortless and undone styles with a long-lasting hold. As a finishing and prep spray, this provides hold, and the foundational grip for no-slip braids and updos.