Practice Safe Sun

Here at Langton, we agree that a healthy glow makes even the coldest days feel warmer; this is why we make sure that all our self-tanning must haves go hand in hand with sun care products that will protect our skin in the long run.

Top 5 tips to Save Your Skin and Hair from Winter

Here at Langton we all love coming to work, but this frigid cold winter is making our commutes almost unbearable! At least we’ve found ways to keep our skin and hair healthy and protected in the freezing cold. We have gathered our top five essentials to maintaining a summertime glow while the temperature continues to drop.

What Beauty Product Are You?

Ever wondered what beauty product best describes your personality? Take our quiz to find out which of these beauty staples you are!

SOS- Save our Skin

What beauty product would you bring if you were stranded on a deserted island? We each thought about the one beauty product we just couldn’t live without.

The Secret to Sizzling Summer Legs

Summer is here which means it’s time for you to push all your winter gear to the back of the closet, unpack your favorite shorts and skirts and flaunt those summer ready legs! We’ve got a few tips on how to get your legs into tip top shape so you can bare them with confidence:

Best Dressed at the Golden Globes!

The Golden Globe Awards last night were abuzz with our favourite celebs looking as fabulous as ever! With all the beautiful gowns and gorgeous jewelry, it was a hard pick, but below are just a few notable mentions:


Claire: Olivia Wilde’s dress was so gorgeous and different from all the other gowns worn that night. I […]