Langton’s Watching these Series & Movies in November

We’ve gathered a list of series and movies that we’re watching this month (just in time for freezing cold nights in)! So, grab your popcorn and friends and watch with us! Tweet us @LangtonPR and let us know what you thought!

Top 5 Cities for Black Friday Shopping

To help you decide where to go to get the best deals, we have come up with a list of the top US cities for Black Friday Shopping!
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RIP Vine

A look back on our favourite vines!
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Contessa 2017 Highlights

Another Contessa has come and gone
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Keep the Winter Blues at Bay!

Cold days are inevitable, but letting them get you down is preventable! Check out Langton Communications top picks for beating the winter blues.

2016 Summer Festivals

Summer always makes people feel good, while music brings people together. It only makes sense to combine these two. This summer, grab a friend and get some tickets to one of the shows listed below. These 2016 summer festivals are a great way to not only meet new friends, but connect with ones you […]