To several adults, Easter is considered the time of year for new life and rising opportunities. To children, it is a sign of yummy chocolates and treats. Every family has their traditions during this time, but it’s always fun to try something new. So put down grandma’s recipe, and make this weekend an all new Easter Egg Weekend!

1 . Kool-Aid Tie Dyed Eggs

Untitled-1 copyThese eggs are a perfect day-time activity to do with the kids. They involve lots of bright colours and hands-on painting, which they’ll love. All you need for this recipe is your favourite colours of Kool-Aid and about 20 minutes of your time.




2. Superhero Eggs

easter eggs superheroesThis egg adventure will be a relief for all the parents out there; there’s no colouring, dying or staining of any kind, meaning there’s less clean-up time for you! All you need is some paper, eggs and alil’ bit of glue. With all the new and exciting superhero movies coming out, it only makes sense to have some creative celebrations in their honour.




3. Galaxy Eggs

For those with more crafty hands, this activity might be tgalaxy eggshe one for you! You’ll be left with a memorizing and hypnotic display that reminds you of the universe that we live in. Clean up is easy for this one, but it involves quite a few products. Word to the wise – though you’ll be left with some stellar displays of creativity, the downside is that due to the method of painting, you won’t  be able to use edible eggs!



4. Marbled Eggs

Marbled Eggs

Feeling blue? Or any colour really? These marble designs are perfect for the post-modern home. Although the marbling technique can get a little messy, the final results are well worth it. The best part about this is that you can use a vast number of colours to create a multi-coloured marble look.




5. Easter Egg Treats

Edible Easter EggsHave more of a sweet tooth this Easter season? We have you covered! These dipped Easter egg treats are perfect grab-and-go snacks while running around the house and (possibly) chasing after the kids. You’ll fall in love with this sweet and crunchy treat!