First, we shopped ‘till we dropped on Black Friday, then Cyber Monday had us glued to our screens hunting for online deals. After a weekend of spending and splurging came ‘Giving Tuesday’. This past Tuesday November 29 was all about giving back to the community, whether through volunteer, donations or just spreading the love through small acts of kindness. In honour of #GivingTuesday we have put together some tips to help you give back in your everyday life.


Clean out your closet.donation-box

The changing weather means changing up our wardrobes. As you go through your stuff think about each piece. If you still wear and love it; it’s a keeper. If you can’t remember the last time you threw it on, it’s time to give that sweater a new home and donate it. Cleaning up your space doesn’t have to stop at your closet. Take a look through your kitchen and home things too. Let’s be honest- you’ve never used that Crock-Pot anyways!



Make your work out, work for others.

If you are already hitting up the gym on a (fairly) regular basis, consider swapping out a gym session for a bike-a-thon, or a run/walk to raise money for charity. Grab your usual yoga squad and make it a fun outing with friends. For a list of run/walks happening around Toronto check here.



Donate your talents to a good cause.


With the upcoming holidays, there are tons of ways to giveback locally. If you love to shop and are a great bargain hunter, put your skills to use and shop for children’s toys. If you are the rare breed who has an affinity for wrapping gifts, put your talents to work- there is always a need for volunteers to gift wrap donated items. Check out some volunteer opportunities here.


Make giving back a commitment but remember to start small. If you’re busy, overwhelming yourself by signing up for 10 different activates won’t be the best use of your time or efforts. Don’t do too much too fast, even a small donation or volunteering for a couple hours once every two weeks can have a bigger impact than you know! What are your favourite ways to give back? Share your ideas with us in the comments.