With Fashion Week recently coming to an end, the summer and spring trends they’ve inspired soon begin. Explore your own style and maybe make your own with some inspiration from our Fashion Trends this Spring 2016 list below!

1. 70’s Inspired Suede
SuedeIt’s time to raid your mother’s closests; the 70’s are back! It’s common to recycle looks in fashion and this season, it’s all about that vintage 70’s suede. The trend ranges from focusing on accent pieces such as purses and booties, to full on jackets and skirts.






2. Paperbag Waists
Paperbag bottomsWhat’re those exactly? Probably one of the most comfortable bottoms you can wear to the office while still looking professional. The waist of either skirts or pants are loose and ruffled, added texture to a usually more modest look. Pair these high-waisted bottoms with an eye-catching belt and you’re ready to go for this spring season!






3. (fish)Net
FishnetsLady Gaga may have started the ripped fishnet + leather jacket look back in 2013, but the nets are back and more stylish than ever. The styles can range from skirt, tops and dresses. Regardless of what style you choose, you’ll look like a total star.






4. No Boring Orange Here


Bold and vibrant colours are always in during the spring and summer time, but this season it’s all about the Oranges. This in-your-face colour, no matter which hue, will be your go-to colour of choice this season.






5. Something Tie Dye For


Feel like reliving your youth? This is definitely one of the trends that’ll take you back to summer camp. Mixing solid colours with this bold print is the way to go this coming season.