Take a peek into the life of the inspiring woman and entrepreneur behind the Vita Liberata brand.

Alyson Hogg is the founder and CEO of Vita Liberata, the experts in luxury tanning and skincare. She established the brand in 2003, and since then she has been the inspiration behind the brand’s phenomenal success. In 2007, Alyson chose to focus specifically on tanning products, taking an entirely new approach to the industry. With a first class honours degree in the Philosophy of Psychology, Alyson has a unique insight into what makes people tick. Her extensive business experience has allowed her to create a tanning brand and turn it into a global beauty brand.

 Who is someone that has inspired you throughout the years in your career/life?

People who are true to themselves and what they believe in inspire me. My father is my business inspiration, but right now, Malala is breathtakingly inspirational.

Have you always known you wanted to be an entrepreneur?

Not at all. Does one become an entrepreneur, or does one approach life with an entrepreneurial attitude? I think perhaps the latter. And in that case, yes, I think I have perhaps always been unwittingly entrepreneurial.

What is your favourite aspect of managing your business?

Watching the young people in the business develop personally and professionally. It sounds cheesy, but it really is delightful. That and the smile on someone’s face when they use one of our products for the first time and they discover how quick and easy a perfect tan can be!

Since you run a global company, you’ve travelled to many countries; which place is your favourite?

Ahhhh…. Anywhere at home in Ireland.. It’s all beautiful. Also, north of Spain from Barcelona to Cadaques. Especially the medieval towns around La Bisbal d’Emporda.  Favourite other cities are Seville in Spain, Venice and Rome in Italy, Paris in France, Laguna Beach in southern California and Half Moon Bay in northern California. Atlantic Highlands is a great escape just 40 minutes outside New York. And of course Cairo and Luxor in Egypt. I would go back every year if I possibly could.

You have so much experience in communications, politics, broadcasting, academia and hospitality, which area was your favorite and why?

I used to say that my favourite place in the world is the philosophy section of a university library! But honestly, everything has been so interesting. Broadcasting and politics were at once fascinating, daunting and incredibly exciting. Hospitality was perhaps the hardest work of all, especially as I had three tiny children and was completing my philosophy degree at the same time. There were a lot of early morning breakfasts, and midnight studying!

Where do you get your inspiration from when creating new products?

That’s easy! We are women creating products for ourselves and other women. I make products that I want, that solve problems, that make my life easier and more streamlined, and of course more beautiful, and therefore, more confident.  Simple!

This past July, you were awarded the Queen’s award for Enterprise in the category of International Trade. How was meeting the Queen, would you consider that to be the highlight of your career?

Buckingham Palace was a wonderful experience. I can’t imagine that even the White House could make such a formal occasion so welcoming. Her Majesty was just that, utterly majestic.  It was a total honour. And of course the Duke of Edinburgh was totally charming. They both even mingled with us later. Definitely a highlight!

What is one lesson you have learned and can pass on to women who aspire to have their own business?

Believe in what you do, trust your gut, and focus! Yes, I know that isn’t one lesson, and there are many more, like never assume, never presume and lots is not a number! Be tenacious but flexible. The list goes on and on.

What is your favourite pastime/hobby?

Sailing with my husband and our kids (not that they are kids any more). I also love to read a great novel. If it’s an historical novel even better.

 Tell us one guilty pleasure you have!

Mmm… creamy pasta Carbonara and a cold glass of Sancerre. It’ not something I dare eat very often!

What is one item you cannot live without?

My peptide mist and dry oil combo. (Vita Liberata Skin Respect Skin Plumping Peptide Mist & Dry Oil Dew, Deluxe Face and Body Oil.)

If you could pick one person to have lunch with (dead or alive) who would it be and why?

Big question! I guess it would be Professor Brian Cox. He is just so smart, and with such dead pan humour. It would be an enlightening and fun afternoon.

Describe yourself using only one word!


What’s next from Alyson Hogg?

Ha! I would love to wrestle the time to write about this entire experience of business and the myriad things I have learned on the journey. But before that we have some more amazing skincare technologies to bring to market. It’s exciting times!


Vita Liberata is now being stocked in 22 countries across the world including the USA, Canada, France, Denmark, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Australia, Finland, Sweden and Norway. It has also been acquired by international online retail and beauty companies including Amazon, Sephora and QVC.com

 You can get more information on Vita Liberata products at www.vitaliberatacanada.com

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