Langton girls get the scoop of life lessons and hair drama on Shannon Boodram

Shannon Boodram is a Toronto native and graduate from Centennial College’s print journalism program. She is a TV personality and a recipient of Rogers TV’s national Impression Award. She was the host of MTV Canada’s Losing It: Sex Ed Special and is the expert in love and sex, for her generation and future generations. She has appeared on: CBC News, CBC the Current, CP24 LeDrew Live, TVO The Agenda, MTV’s Impact, Much Music’s Much Talks and is a regular expert guest on CHCH Square Off.

Besides being a TV personality superstar, she’s also an author, known for her bestseller, LAID: Young People’s Experiences with Sex in an Easy Access Culture. This book collects personal firsthand accounts of young people dealing with sex in today’s society. If you haven’t read it, go to your nearest book store and give a read!

Boodram currently resides in the state of California, but has shared her expertise across the border for many years on shows such as: BET,CBS, Fox News, KTLA, ABC Advice for Life, and CNN Radio.

No stranger in front of the lens, Boodram now works behind the camera and adds photography to her skills and talents. We got a chance to interview Boodram and ask the questions many have been wondering. Click to watch the video or read her response in the text below.

1. Who is someone that has inspired you throughout your career/life?
Family for sureee. But aside from the typical answer, Monique Chenault. A beautiful, accomplished woman who just believes in me.

2. Take me to a moment when you knew it was possible to have it all (wearing many hats)?
To be great you need discipline. To get disciplined you need to make your mark in one discipline.

3. In your professional career did you get many no’s? And how did you overcome it to move forward?
TONS of nos. There is no magic answer here, all you can do is take the feedback of each rejection and hope it makes you a lil better the next time around. You have to enter each opportunity as if no one has ever, ever told you no before

4. What advice do you have for anyone interested writing?
Read a lot!

5. What is your favourite book? And describe it in one word.
Anything By Jodi Picoult – Super-Empathy (does it count as one if it’s a hyphenated word?)

6. What is a quote you think everyone should know?
“In this life we all have trouble but when you worry you make it double”

7. We hear you reside in LA, what is one Canadian thing you just can’t shake? (ie. maple syrup, eh?)

8. I tend to splurge on…?
Photography equipment

9. Is there a perfect moment/scene when you would love to be behind the lens to capture? (ie. sunset in Brazil)
Hmm I think I would like to capture the look on people’s faces as they experience the extremes in life: heartbreak and wonderment. Those moments where you can see in someone’s eyes that good or bad, anything is truly possible.

10. What song is currently on replay on your device?
Taylor Swift 1989

11. What hair products do you swear by for managing curly locks?
Locsuria, Curls, Mixed Chicks. Right now I cocktail because no one thing is working perfect

12. You have beautiful skin, what facial products are you currently using?
Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream, sunblock, shea butter and Noxzema

13. What projects are currently on the go?
2015 prep only pretty much 🙂

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