Spring is in the air and you’re more euphoric than ever… Until you enter your room. You soon realize all your makeup is scattered between bathroom drawers to bedroom counters, and your clothes are shoved and crammed into your closet and drawers. You’re over cluttered with beauty products, making it close to impossible to fully enjoy this new spring season ahead. That only means one thing – it’s time for Spring Cleaning: Makeup Edition! It’s important to keep your makeup and products in good condition, since they are things that go on your body. We’re here to help you make your cluttered mess go from gloomy to lively!


1. Clean Brushes = Happy  Face

Clean BrushesIf you use makeup, you’re sure to have a few of these rolling around somewhere. Be sure to keep these little guys clean. They can easily become a breeding ground for bacteria. Two ways you can clean these are by using a professional cleaner, or baby shampoo! Don’t use alcohol, or any other antiseptic, as these are drying agents and can cause brushes to become brittle and weak. For a more in-depth look at proper cleaning methods, check out the info graphic created by The Beauty Department.




2. One Product is Better Than Three

Beauty ProductsMaximize your space and minimize your spending by using one product for each of your beauty needs. For example, instead of using three different moisturizers, why not use a three-in-one? It saves counter space and gives you more room for all those brightly coloured spring nail polishes. That said, there’s no need to throw out ALL your products. For example, powder-based blushes can have a shelf life of at least two years. The best place to store makeup that you won’t be using for a while is in plastic drawers, away from moisture and temperature changes.



3. When it doubt, toss it out. 

mascaraHave you been experiencing dry eyes while you’ve been using that really old mascara? It may be expired. When using out-of-date products, you run the risk of irritation, rashes, blemishes and various skin or eye infections. Mascara, much like your toothbrush, should be discarded and replaced every four to six months. There’s more leeway when it comes to foundation, lipstick and concealer, as you get an additional six to 12 month period. It’s best to play it safe than run the risk of ruining your current beauty regime. For more a detailed look behind some of your favourite beauty products, check out this graphic done by feelunique.




4. Clear containers lead to clearer lives

clear makeup containersWhen living a busy and hectic life, these clear acrylic containers and dividers are life savers. They make it easier to grab a product and go, when in a hurry. No more having to guess what is where; just simply glance, and you’ll see exactly where it is.





5. Let your lashes, and your mascara, defy gravity

magnetmakeupIf you’re lacking counter space but have an abundance of wall space, this might just be the trick for you. Mount your cosmetics on a magnetic makeup board. If your makeup doesn’t have a metal backing, hang a metal container on the board to house your brushes and other products. This will not only save you counter space, but make your space look incredibly diva-fabulous.