“Langton Communications is a great source for us. Because they work so closely with many manufacturers, we can always rely on them to bring us the most current product information and top-notch guests.”
Candy Signorini, Senior Director, Fashion/Beauty Producer, Cityline/Citytv


We at Today’s Bride love working with the team at Langton Communications. They are professional, responsive, and always provide us with the information, images and samples we need as quickly as possible so we can meet our deadlines. They are always in the know about their clients and we appreciate the way in which they educate us about their products through email, at events, and by sharing products with us so we in the industry can gain first-hand experience.
Erin Dym, Senior Editor, Today’s Bride


“It is always an absolute pleasure working with Langton Communications. Their quality of work and attention to detail is outstanding – and something I can always rely on!”
Sandy Gold, Beauty Guest Expert of The Steven & Chris Show, Founder of


Donna-Lee Langton has worked for accounts with Cityline for over 22 years. She is frankly one of the best in the country. She understands the requirements of the various media and we feel confident that our needs will be taken care of. She is a great problem solver when challenges happen, as they always do, and is always willing to think outside the box when it comes to ideas that will work for the show.
Chrissie Rejman, Senior Producer, Cityline, CityTV


Working with Donna-Lee, Maxine and the entire Langton Communications team is such a pleasure. The Langton events are always well put together and are a beautiful reflection of the brands they represent. Every member of the team is not only knowledgeable, but is willing to go above and beyond to make things run smoothly on our end. As an editor, we can’t ask for more!
Amanda Bloye, Assistant Editor, Parents Canada Group


I have had the pleasure of working with Donna-Lee Langton and Ivana Mariani many times over the past nine years. They are wonderful to work with and their contributions have been invaluable to doing my job effectively. The company as a whole is an indispensable resource for beauty and fashion information and forecasts. I never have to worry about their professionalism and promptness when responding to queries, not to mention the cheerfulness and dedication they bring to their jobs as astute public relations professionals!
Malena Harbers, Beauty Editor, InStyle UK


“I truly love working with Donnalee Langton and the whole team at Langton Communications because they are very professional, patient, generous and kind, and they host the best events and press launches. They answer every request (additional infos, products, interviews, etc.) in a flash – and with a smile! -, and they all share a great work ethic.”
Joanie Pietracupa, Associate Editor-in-Chief, LOULOU magazine


“Langton Communications is always a delight to work with. The members of the team shine by being professional and very approachable, and they are always quick and efficient when replying to requests. Plus, I love that they always provide press materials in both English and French, with all the relevant information presented in a clear yet engaging manner. That means I don’t have to go hunting around for answers when I’m working on something! “
Mariève Inoue, Editor in Chief,